Fall is here…..what happened to summer?

25th Oct 2016

Hi Everyone, Fall is here…..what happened to summer? We did, by the way, have a nice summer with fun trips to Harbour Island ( Eluthera), and Park City, Utah. It’s always inspiring to come home to the studio after time out! Recently, I have been working on adding and redoing some pieces for my website. I will continue to make changes and additions in the next couple of months,…so keep watching! If you want to order for the Holidays, please […]

Fall Season Update

19th Oct 2015

Hi everyone, Fall is here!! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer! We had a good summer that included several fun trips…… wine country, the Bahamas, NYC, and Captiva Island. Getting away is the best thing to pump up my inspiration! And it has. I am now very busy getting ready for the Holiday Open House , and the seasonal shows that I am going to to participate in. The Open House, is going to be December 4th […]

Holiday Happenings

16th Dec 2014

Hello pottery lovers, I REALLY want to thank all of you that came out to make the Holiday Open house, such a big success!  It’s always great to see so many of you friends that support me and my art. Thank you again! But moving right along… The show season is at hand, starting in Naples,…right after the New year. No rest for me!  Here are a couple of designs from the past that are coming to Naples with me. They […]

I’m back!

25th Oct 2014

From the beauty of the palm jungles of the east coast,.. to the City of Havana in the west, Cuba, is a very interesting country to behold. There is so much diversity from the eastern tip, Baracoa, with the beautiful tropical ocean, rich farm land, banana trees, coffee plants, mountains, ox drawn carts, and old reinvented Russian farm trucks, (no cars),….to Havana, with city life of the 50’s. Havana has a beautiful side with so much culture, and a well […]

Next stop…CUBA!

18th Sep 2014

Hi Friends, I am leaving this afternoon for Cuba, for a fun trip with my artist girlfriends. We will be flying into Santiago tomorrow morning, and traveling from there throughout Cuba and ending up for our last four days in Cuba, in Havana. The purpose of our trip is to visit with many of the fine artists that live and work in Cuba.  They will give us some of their paintings and pottery to bring back to the US to […]