Next stop…CUBA!

18th Sep 2014

Hi Friends, I am leaving this afternoon for Cuba, for a fun trip with my artist girlfriends. We will be flying into Santiago tomorrow morning, and traveling from there throughout Cuba and ending up for our last four days in Cuba, in Havana. The purpose of our trip is to visit with many of the fine artists that live and work in Cuba.  They will give us some of their paintings and pottery to bring back to the US to […]

Well, Hello Friends!

15th Sep 2014

It’s been a great summer, and I can’t believe it’s almost over. We have been to the Bahamas, the Florida Keys, and San Miguel de Allende for some great times and relaxation. Amidst the fun, I some how, (mostly with the help of my friend and web guy), have finally, managed to finish this website. It has taken me awhile to figure out what I wanted to put in here.  I look at it as my first showing, on this “online […]