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Next stop…CUBA!

18th Sep 2014

Hoping to see this very street, soon!

Hi Friends,

I am leaving this afternoon for Cuba, for a fun trip with my artist girlfriends.

We will be flying into Santiago tomorrow morning, and traveling from there throughout Cuba and ending up for our last four days in Cuba, in Havana.

The purpose of our trip is to visit with many of the fine artists that live and work in Cuba.  They will give us some of their paintings and pottery to bring back to the US to sell for them.  There will be a gallery show during the winter in Sarasota, where the art can be viewed and purchased.

I am really looking forward to this great time in Cuba.

Don’t worry about your orders.  I will be back to work October 1st, and will make or finish them then.

Adios,…hasta la vista!


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