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I’m back!

25th Oct 2014

photo 1From the beauty of the palm jungles of the east coast,.. to the City of Havana in the west, Cuba, is a very interesting country to behold. There is so much diversity from the eastern tip, Baracoa, with the beautiful tropical ocean, rich farm land, banana trees, coffee plants, mountains, ox drawn carts, and old reinvented Russian farm trucks, (no cars),….to Havana, with city life of the 50’s. Havana has a beautiful side with so much culture, and a well kept historical center full of gorgeous old Colonial buildings, museums, restaurants, and those wonderful, colorful old fixed up American cars,… to a very dark crumbling side of the city with extreme poverty.

Baracoa, on the eastern tip, my favorite place to be,…to the cities of photo 2Santiago, Camaguey , and Havana, were all full of people that are wonderful, and so friendly. They all want to know us, (Americans). We spent a lot of time with artists, historians, archeologists, architects, artists, musicians and doctors. These people traveled everywhere with us. Cubans are for the for the most part, happy people.  I felt very safe everywhere we went there, and loved it! ( by the way, no guns). The music and the art is wonderful, all over the country. I made many new Cuban friends  and had a great time!

Just wish I could show you all my my pictures that I have to remember this fabulous experience!

It’s always great to return home! I am invigorated and excited to return to my studio .

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