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About Susan

susan-working-polaroidI’m Susan, an artist, designer of pottery, a potter, and a painter….just living up to my name!

My love of pottery began in college, at the University of Florida, where I was an art major.  I realized I had to learn how to make pottery, because as a student, I couldn’t afford to buy any!  Much of my time was spent in the pottery studio at the University, learning to make new shapes and designs. Then, I had to teach myself to paint them in a way that reflected my style. I loved every second of it! It would be years later after a lot of time and practice, that I could finally make myself a dinner set, my first major goal.


Susan Painter's Family

My Lifestyle and Family

I live in south Florida, where I was born. As a kid, my family lived a bike ride away from Palm Beach.  I will always love the clear turquoise ocean, where I was raised, and all things with it…..the beach, fishing, sea life, tropical flowers and fun in the sun!  This all, later, became the inspiration of my work.

My husband and I have raised our family here in a rambling cypress house surrounded with decks and peaked metal rooflines with cupolas. We have a pool surrounded by banana trees, next  to our pool house, the “Banana Cabana.” There have been weddings and many parties in this place. The banana trees and many exotic plants and flowers set the mood of the tropical paradise that I love.


Susan Painter Pottery My Work and Inspiration

My spacious studio is here on this property. This is where I spend my days designing and painting the work that I do. There is a large vegetable garden that grows every season beyond my glaze table windows.  From this garden comes delicious creations that go right into my colorful dishes! How fun is that?

Besides three galleries that I have had in the past,….Clay Concepts,The Craft Gallery, and The Banana Cabana, I have sold and continue to sell pottery to many galleries throughout the country and Caribbean. I have spent many years traveling to art shows, selling my art.  This is where I have met so many of you, my wonderful customer/friends that I cherish, that have supported me and what I do, for so long.  I continue to look forward to seeing you many times again, at least to just stop by and say hello!

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